Sparkling shiraz – they must be crazy!

For a European it almost sounds like a joke bordering on madness. If you take one of the worlds most full bodied, deep coloured and potent red grapes and make a sparkling red wine out of it – then you just can’t be sane! Can you!?

Those were the sentiments and thoughts of many european wine snobs not so long ago (and it is still quite common). But as always – the truth is in the glass!

Okey – I must admit – that most sparkling shiraz that I have come across has been rather… eh uninspiring. And definitely more interesting than good. But this wine might change that perception for ever. For Seppelts Show Sparkling Shiraz 1990 (Great Western, Victoria) is just awesome!

It is single vineyard and begins it’s life as a red wine that gets 18 monts in big old oak. Second fermentation in bottle and six and a half years on the lees before it is discorged. 26 g/l residual sugar and only 5,0 g/l in total acidity (and therefore often a bit “funky” in style).

The colour is orange-red almost brick. The nose is evolved and funky with a lot of secondary fruitaromas, dried fruits and farmyard notes. Spicy and stunning.
On the palate light to medium bodied with great mousse. Notes of leather, tobacco, herbs and dried fruits. Definitely funky  – but in a good way. Complex finish with loads of fruits (strawberries), herbs and spices.


  1. I’m quite happy you got to try the Seppelt’s Show Sparkling – the style itself is counter-intuitive, but there are plenty of excellent sparkling reds.

    I think Australians (such as me) should be advocating this style more!

  2. Magnus, I’ve always found this idea of a sparkling Shiraz as very odd, but when they’re good they are good and you just have to suspend belief while you’re drinking it. Great Western is a very good outfit – old by Australian standards. And I’m pretty sure it was the French that started this sparkling red wine thing – I just can’t remember the region.

    • Sorry to kept you waiting so long vinblue! Been sadly slow on updating my english blog (all work and no play these couple of months!). But I think you are right on the spot. Would love to go to Australia someday and drink som more of that crazy sparkling shiraz stuff! 😉

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