Bloggers democratizing the wine biz – the EWBC

The web and social media has transformed the way we think about writing and journalism. And this has had a profound effect on not only traditional news journalism but also the way we report and write about wine.

And it is not just about blogging or writing. It is not just about sharing and telling stories. The European Wine Bloggers Conference that was held for the fourth time in Brescia in Italy in mid october this year has developed into a gathering for journalists, bloggers, promotors, wine businesses and social media nerds alike. And one thing is for certain – these people are democratizing the way we are reporting, educating and sharing our opinions and views on wine.

Ericsson Uncorked visited the EWBC in Brescia to meet some of these people. With one foot in the old media and one in the new it was an opportunity for me to get some inspiration from the next wave of wine writers and wine educators. This is our short documentation of the event!

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