Beyers Truter – bush wines is the shit

Beyers Truter of Beyerskloof is a hell of a guy. You really can’t overestimate his influence and what he has done for what he calls “the unique selling point of South Africa” – Pinotage.

In Uncorked’s series on South Africa he will explain just why André van Rensburg of Vergelegen was wrong when he said the now classic slogan: “Don’t rape, steal or murder. Don’t make pinotage”. And he also tell us why he loves old bush wines. Here is a teaser (the real series starts in march):


Thelema The Mint Block Cabernet – Thomas Webb

Uncorked is working hard with our new season of tv-episodes for 24HD. We are editing 15 episodes from our South African tour and so it is great fun!
And here is a teaser from our focus on Thelema Mountain Vineyards. Thomas Webb gives us the intel behind the Mint Block Cabernet! So is it the cineol or the clones that gives that minty/eucalyptus flavor?